Dienstag, 13. August 2013

Charlatans Drummer Jon Brookes dies at 44 '-(

Sad sad news, the 2nd charlie, much too young '-(

Jon Brookes, drummer with British band The Charlatans, has died aged 44. Three years after his collapse on stage and a diagnosed brain tumour, founding member of the group died in hospital early this morning. 

*RIP Jon*

  photo j170711901_zpsefe0633a.jpg  photo 4503817_zps2972fc56.jpg

The Charlatans [England/Manchester] - Then (1990)
Some Friendly 

The Charlatans [England/Manchester] - Tremolo Song (1992)
Between 10th and 11th

The Charlatans [England/Manchester] - One To Another (1996)
Tellin' Stories

The Charlatans [England/Manchester] - My Beautiful Friend (1999)
Us and Us Only

The Charlatans [England/Manchester] - The Misbegotten (2008)
You Cross My Path