Samstag, 3. August 2013

***New Tracks*** (Helen Love, X preist X, [aftersun], Frankie Rose, Jackson And His Computer Band)

*Tonight PostModern feature...

Welsh bubblegumpop/disco/punkrock trio Helen Love with the video for 'We are the Lo-fi Kids' from their new album 'Day-Glo Dreams'

Electropop act X preist X from Florida with their debut track 'Samurai'

Brooklyn coldwave/dreampop duo [aftersun] with the video for 'You make me change', taken from their debut album 'Always Is Right Now'

Indiepop artist Frankie Rose (ex - member of Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls) with the track 'Sorrow' taken from her forthcoming 2nd album ' Herein Wild' - out in mid september

Parisian electronic producer Jackson Fourgeaud a.k.a Jackson And His Computer Band with a first taster from his upcoming 2nd album 'Glow'*

coldwaveBrooklyn coldwave/dreampop duo [aftersun] with the video to 'You make me change' from their debut album 'Always Is Right Now'

Helen Love [Wales/Swansea] - We are the Lo-fi Kids (2013)
Day-Glo Dreams

X PRIEST X [USA/Florida] - Samurai (2013)

 [aftersun] [USA/Brooklyn] - You Make Me Change (2013)
Always Is Right Now

Frankie Rose [USA/Brooklyn] - Sorrow (2013)
Herein Wild

 photo jackson-61320131_zps45676371.jpg Jackson And His Computerband [France/Paris] - Vista (2013)

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