Sonntag, 24. November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Sisters, Au.Ra, Blouse, Temples, Die Goldenen Zitronen)

*Tonight Postmodern feature...

Indiepop three piece Sisters from irland with their new single 'Hush Hush'

Chill electro/shoegaze project Au.Ra from London with their latest video/single 'Sun'

Portland indie/dreampop/new wave trio Blouse with '1000' years, a track from their new 2nd album 'Imperium'

Northamptonshire neo-psychedelic band Temples with their new single 'Mesmerise' from the forthcoming debut album 'Sun Structures'

Punk rock band Die Goldenen Zitronen from germany/hamburg with their single 'Scheinwerfer und Lautsprecher' from the new album 'Who´s bad'*

Sisters [Irland/Limerick] - Hush Hush (2013)

Au.Ra [England/London] - Sun (2013)

Blouse [USA/Portland] - 1000 Years (2013)

 photo track-of-the-day-temples-mesmerise-L-vDPZzo_zps3b8b5702.jpeg Temples [England/London] - Mesmerise (2013)
Sun Structures

Die Goldenen Zitronen [Germany/Hamburg] - Scheinwerfer und Lautsprecher (2013)
Who's Bad