Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Exit Calm, Tear Talk, Delay Trees, Tiger Baby, The Slow Readers Club)

*Thursday night's Postmodern include...

'Promise',the 3rd single/video by barnsley indierock/psychedelic/shoegaze band Exit Calm - taken from their 2nd album 'The Future isn´t what it used to be'

Liverpool indie/postpunk band Tear Talk  with their debut single/video 'Breathe'. If you like them check also out the great b-sides 'Only Illusions'  & 'Parallel'

Finnish indie-/dreampop band Delay Trees return with 'Perfect Heartache', the first single from their forthcoming new album 'Readymade' 

'Apart', the new single by danish electropop trio Tiger Baby

Manchester's The Slow Readers Club , founded out of the ashes of noughties indie rock band Omerta, with their new single 'Forever In Your Debt' 

Exit Calm [England/Barnsley] - Promise (2013)
The Future isn´t what it used to be

Tear Talk [England/Liverpool] - Breathe (2013)
B R E A T H E 7"

Delay Trees [Finland/Helsinki]- Perfect Heartache (2013)

 photo l_6a8d6985ea59424d9a8e0b8ed5bbec6f-450x302_zps6e8eeabc.jpg Tiger Baby [Denmark/Copenhagen] - Apart (2013)

The Slow Readers Club [England/Manchester] - Forever In Your Debt (2013)