Montag, 18. März 2013

***New Tracks*** (Feathers, The Flight, Vimes, Little Night Terrors, Father Sculptor)

*Tonight PostModern feature three well-known faces from the last weeks and two new bands...

Four-piece, all-woman, Austin electropop group Feathers with their new video 'Soft', the follow up to the fantastic 'Land Of The Innocent' single. Both tracks are taken from Feathers' debut album 'If All Now Here' which is out in mid april.

East London duo The Flight and their video for 'Hangman', a triphop influenced song from the current debut EP.  

Another video by cologne electronic band Vimes, their new 2nd single 'House Of Deer', the follow-up to last years 'Upstairs'

Leicester britpoppers Little Night Terrors with the video to 'Pure (Hula Hoop Girl)' - released a couple of weeks before their great 'Cherryade', song.
And finally Father Sculptor from Glasgow - they also listenend a lot to britpop. The new single 'Lowlands' come from their debut EP 'Faith & Violence' - out in april*

FEATHERS [USA/Austin] - Soft (2013)
If All Now Here

The Flight [England/London] - Hangman  (2013)
The Hangman EP

VIMES [Germany/Cologne] - House Of Deer (2013)

Little Night Terrors [England/Leicester] - PURE (Hula Hoop Girl) (2013)

 photo All-Moz-cons---Father-Scu-008_zps66cd28f3.jpg   Father Sculptor [Scotland/Glasgow] - Lowlands (2013)
Faith & Violence