Dienstag, 26. März 2013

***New Tracks*** (The Boxer Rebellion, Glasvegas, Les Mistons, Kid Moxie, Sigur Rós)

*Today PostModern feature
'Diamonds',  the first single from british indie rock band The Boxer Rebellion - taken from their as yet untitled upcoming 4th studio album set for release in later 2013.

Brand new single from scottish alternativ rock band Glasvegas from their forthcoming album 'Later...When The TV Turns To Static'

A new track by three-piece psychedelic pop band Les Mistons from East London - Paul Lester from The Guardian decribed their music with the term 'ShoeRave' ^^

Kid Moxie, a Los Angeles-based music project fronted by Greek-born singer/ actress Elena Charbila with their new video 'The Bailer'. They decribed their music as "A blend of powerful beats, pop sweetness and haunting melodies..." 

a new single by icelandic ambient/post-rock outfit Sigur Rós taken from the upcoming album 'Kveikur' out in mid june.*

The Boxer Rebellion [England/London] - Diamonds (2013)

Glasvegas [Scotland/Glasgow] - I'd Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You) (2013)
Later...When The TV Turns To Static

 photo 253605_218023878230782_1075152_n_zps691c5bca.jpg Les Mistons [England/London] - Overcoming Fear (2013)

Kid Moxie [USA/Los Angeles] - The Bailor (2013)

Sigur Rós [Iceland/Reykjavík] - Brennisteinn (2013)