Freitag, 15. März 2013

***New Tracks*** (Neils Children, Cheatahs, Sad Days For Puppets, Here Is Your Temple, Wampire)

*Tonight PostModern contain the new music video for 'Trust You' by english psychedelic pop band Neils Children, taken from their new album 'Dimly Lit',
London noisepop four-piece Cheatahs with 'Fall', a taster from their debut album which is due for release this year,
Swedish Indiepop/Shoegaze band Sad Days For Puppets with their new video/single 'Cold Hand' taken from the upcoming third album 'Come Closer' out in early may,
another swedish band - dreamy alternative-pop five piece Here Is Your Temple and the title-track and forthcoming single from their 'So High' EP,
as well Portland/Oregon based indie pop band Wampire with their current 7inch 'The Hearse' taken from the album 'Curiosity'*

NEILS CHILDREN [England/Cheshunt] - TRUST YOU (2013)
Dimly Lit

Cheatahs [England/London] - Fall (2013)  

Sad Day For Puppets [Sweden/Stockholm] - Cold hand (2013)
Come Closer

HERE IS YOUR TEMPLE [Sweden/Stockholm] - SO HIGH (2013)
So High EP 

Wampire [USA/Portland] - The Hearse (2013)