Sonntag, 31. März 2013

***New Tracks*** [Ghost & Writer, Swim Deep, The Besnard Lakes, Dune Rats, Hiatus feat. Shura)

*Tonight PostModern contain Frank Spinath`s (Seabound) electro-/futurepop side project Ghost & Writer with the stunning opening track 'Gambit' from the new album 'Red Flags'

New Single/Video for 'She Changes The Weather' from Birmingham indiepop foursome Swim Deep,  taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Where The Heaven Are We' out at the end of july.

Montreal's Psych-/IndieRock band The Besnard Lakes with their new single 'People Of The Sticks' from the new 4th album 'Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO'.

Australian Surf-/Garagepop duo Dune Rats with the green version video for 'Red Light Green Light' from their yet untitled debut album out later in 2013.

plus DJ Hiatus feat. Shura from London with a lovely chillout track, 'We Can Be Ghosts Now' from the forthcoming 2nd album 'Parklands' out in may*

Ghost & Writer [Germany-Belgium] - Gambit (2013)
Red Flags 

Swim Deep [England/Birmingham] - She Changes The Weather (2013)
Where The Heaven Are We

 photo 486088_10151400958381489_189600196_n_zpsdf6792d5.jpg The Besnard Lakes [Canada/Montreal] - People of the sticks (2013)
Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO

DUNE RATS [Australia/Brisbane] - Red Light Green Light *Green Version* (2013)

[*Please!!! Don´t imitate this ;-). It´s only a homage to DZ Deathrays’s clip for 'The Mess Up' instead of drinking a bottle of Jagermeister in a song length time, Dune Rats are smoking bongs, tooo much bongs!!! (with Lavender & Tobacco according to their own statement) The homage is clever, the behaviour more than stupid. But this could be a new smoking hymn :-))) * ]

Hiatus *feat. Shura* [England/London] - We Can Be Ghosts Now (2013)